Your Reflections on Black History Month

We took a brief pause last week, but we’re back! Thanks for your patience.

This week, we’re trying a Substack thread. This is a place for you (even if you are white, or non-Black) to share your reflections on Black History Month 2021 with February in our recent memory, and describe how you will hold yourself accountable for contributing to racial justice all year long. Consider this a “brave space,” and bring both your honesty and self-awareness.

What did you learn about Black history, art, or culture last month, either generally, or in relation to J-fashion and Lolita fashion?

What creators, brands, and works did you discover last month? How will you support them in 2021?

What else will you do in 2021 to honor and support Black lives, culture, creation and joy? If you are not Black, how will you do so without centering yourself or profiting from it?

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