Meet the Staff!

Say welcome to our newest member and check out our updated page

I hope you all are hanging in there! Today we say hello to Ruthie (she/they), the newest addition to our staff. You can see all of our Royal Vegas Retreat 2021 core staff members at

Ruthie is in charge of our swap meet and other con content surprises. You may remember them from our "Altering Brand" panel at #RoyalVegasOnline2020 !

Alt: Ruthie in a brown and cream IW dress with carousel horses, with a brown blouse, shoes, cat-eye glasses, and wrist cuffs, and cream ankle socks and beret. Text to their right says "Meet The Staff".

In her own words:

Hailing from LA, screenwriter, queer author, and actor Ruthie is a lolita that wears many, many bonnets. Their YouTube, the_bard_in_bows, focuses on plus size inclusiveness and comedy. She also is an admin for the small comm, the BGP Collective, which is still in its baby years. When she has free time (if any), Ruthie enjoys Animal Crossing, horror movies, and dressing like a sentient love seat at your grandmother's house.  

Welcome, Ruthie! And an extra-special thanks from founder Nif to the whole staff: Kim, Harley, Jess, Conner, Allie, Ruthie, and Ryan, and to everyone else who has helped out behind the scenes, offered moral support, and just believed in our vision here at Pretty Princess Club.

Without stellar people, events don’t happen, so we are truly lucky to have such wonderful people lending their expertise to Royal Vegas Retreat.

Stay home, stay safe, and… try wearing a JSK over an OP?