Step Into Our Office

What is Substack, and what are we doing here? Come find out! And tell us what you want to see <3

Hello once again, friends! I hope you had a romantic Valentine’s day, and that you’re making time to enjoy Hello!Galaxy this weekend. Before you buy that new dress, take a moment to find out which mutual aid funds in Texas are still accepting donations, or find a local organization that is helping people affected by extreme weather.

We’re starting to spend more time on Substack recently. And if you’re coming here from our Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter pages, or even from our website, you might be wondering - really, you’re asking me to sign up for yet another platform? What is Substack, anyway?

Step into our office and find out!

Photo taken in 2019 at Disneyland. Nif (a white femme with red/orange hair) is wearing glittery silver mouse ears with a navy sequined bow. She is wearing Angelic Pretty’s Castle Mirage princess sleeve OP in navy, with a metallic gold fanny pack, and an assortment of AP acrylic jewelry. She is standing in front of a Star Wars bar display, with brightly-colored bottles behind the bar and industrial-styled tank on the bar top.
Photo taken in 2019 at Disneyland! We’re trying to make better use of Substack’s built-in features, so the alt-text is no longer in the post body. What do you think?

Substack is kind of like a blog-meets-email list-meets-discussion forum-meets-crowdfunding engine. You can learn more on their about page. We decided to hop over here for the flexibility - Substack provides podcast hosting support, monetization that creators find fairer than Patreon’s, comments off or on, scheduling for email blasts, analytics, and more.

So what are we doing here, right now? Well, we’re trying to create inspiring weekly content to stay in touch with our community while our event is still up in the air for 2021. We’ve heard as many people say that life will be “back to normal by summer” as have said “we’ll be at home until 2022.” The longer-form content that Substack affords us is a nice way to keep in touch - a little letter form us to you.

Additionally, the notification-driven, instant action of Instagram and Facebook isn’t conducive to being thoughtful, ethical, and careful. Social media apps compel action without thought. The slower motion of Substack helps us use our platform with care.

So yeah - we’re not on Instagram as much anymore. But we’re still there! You can always hit us up in our comments or via direct message - especially if you’re okay waiting a day or two for a response. And we pop in at least once a week to see what’s up.

Right now, our Substack is totally free - you can access 100% of our content, and we don’t have subscriptions open. However, to help cover costs for our event, we may open subscriptions once we think we have some content worth paying for.

So now, back to you - what kinds of content would you like to see here? What would inspire you? What are you interested in? What content are you always looking for, but can’t seem to find? For this post, our comments are open - let us know what you think!